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Scott Bernstein - Abducted children recovery services
Abducted children recovery services

Our History

Abducted children recovery services Journey: 

1985 – When our founder became a victim of a violent crime when he was stabbed by two Afghan Nationals during the commission of a crime. After that, his life changed forever.

1987 – Child Recovery was established as the first private sector Intelligence agency dedicated to the plight of missing children USA and the accountability of criminal victimization.

1995 – Child Recovery International celebrated its 100th recovery of a missing child. Moreover, in this year CRI’s founder began profiling cases for the media and law enforcement around the nation.

2014 – Most importantly we are considered the industry authority and our agency has recovered over 1500 missing at-risk children and 1900 missing adults. At the end of this process, we have saved the lives of many missing children and closed countless numbers of cold cases.In

Abducted children recovery services


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. However, we will devote the time and energy necessary to focus our abilities on locating your loved one. Due to devotion, the clarity of our objective is clear.

Abducted children recovery services


Our purpose and integrity in insurmountable. Because we offer solutions, not parables. Moreover, we are focused, centered, and gravitate toward a set of strategies to alleviate suffering. Subsequently, we find the missing child.

Abducted children recovery services


You must want to find your child as bad as the air you breathe. Similarly, we do not take every child find as a case. But if you are highly motivated, engaged, and committed. So, we are here to listen intensively with compassion and sensitivity.

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So, I launched Child Recovery Intl as a warrior for victims and an advocate for innocent children everywhere. And after 20 years of rescuing children, it has become a life-long journey. In short, I’m so fortunate and grateful to be able to impact the lives of others, due to partnering with some of the most passionate professionals driven on the globe.

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