In the realm of the heart-wrenching and desperate situation surrounding runaway children and adults, the need for a meticulous and effective investigation becomes paramount. When local law enforcement and non-profits find themselves falling short in unraveling the mysteries behind the disappearance of a loved one, the fear that engulfs families becomes paralyzing, and the relentless ticking of the clock amplifies the urgency. Recognizing the penetrating fear that parents experience during such harrowing times, our dedicated team at Child Recovery International (CRI) introduces unique child recovery services, methodologies, and strategies that prioritize urgency and results over excuses.



Our highly experienced team of experts specializes in carefully analyzing and deciphering critical details about missing loved ones. Through a proprietary scientific approach, we facilitate the tracking of the of the abductor(s) by creating and understanding their unique profile. This personalized approach allows us to craft custom solutions that aid our operatives in the recovery process. CRI’s methodologies are exact and designed to fast-track location(s), ensuring urgency and tangible results without room for excuses. If necessary, we are prepared to deploy search and rescue dogs immediately.

These tracking dogs, trained to identify scents even after days or weeks, prove to be indispensable in our pursuit of reuniting families. Whether on foot, tracking a scent in a moving vehicle, or across water, our highly trained canines provide an added dimension to our investigative capabilities. In acknowledging the harrowing possibility of human trafficking, the Operatives at Child Recovery International will act swiftly to follow the established profile of the missing individual and that of potential predators. Our commitment is to deliver real-time results, providing much-needed relief to families in distress.



Documented results speak volumes about our effectiveness. Unencumbered by the constraints faced by law enforcement, our team has the capability to travel anywhere in the United States and beyond for international cases. We possess the right personnel who can quickly identify threats and risks, overcoming any obstacles thrown our way. Unlike sworn law enforcement, we are prepared to dedicate as many hours as necessary to reach closure and reunite lost children with their families.

Every moment counts in the search for a missing loved one, and it’s time for relief from suffering. We emphasize the need for the right strategy to garner tangible results. In contrast to law enforcement limitations, CRI has the flexibility to travel anywhere in the world, underscoring the importance of seeking the right resources in the search for a missing loved one.

Our commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries, recognizing the global nature of the challenges faced by families with missing members. In cases involving international flight and harboring by perpetrators, we are equipped to navigate complex scenarios. Our capabilities transcend borders, reflecting our determination to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to families in need.

It is imperative to underscore the importance of choosing the right resources in the search for a loved one. While law enforcement plays a crucial role, our unique approach and dedication offer an alternative that goes beyond conventional methods. The collaboration between technology, experienced personnel, and specially trained animals allows us to bridge the gaps and overcome the limitations faced by traditional investigative avenues.

In conclusion, the investigation of runaway children and adults demands a compassionate and proactive approach that transcends the constraints faced by law enforcement and non-profit organizations. Our unique child recovery services prioritize urgency, results, and innovation, providing a lifeline to families grappling with the agony of a missing loved one. We stand ready to traverse the globe, dedicating our expertise and resources to bring closure and reunite families, because every moment counts in the pursuit of a safe and happy homecoming.