Up to 80 million US households had their personal information exposed by an unprotected database. What Happened?On Monday, a pair of security researchers shared their discovery of an unprotected online database containing the personal information of up to 80 million US households.

The personal information found in the huge database, discovered on a cloud server, includes combinations of:

Additionally, the database was found to include coded results for: title, gender, marital status, income, homeowner status, dwelling type. Social Security number and payment information was not found in the database.

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What Does this mean?A data exposure or data leak is different from a data breach. In a breach, unauthorized access to sensitive information is intentional. In a data exposure like this one, the sensitive information is left out in the open, often because the server was not set up with the proper security.

The security researchers believe the database may belong to an insurance, healthcare, or mortgage company, in part because the data appears to be limited to people over the age of 40. The database has been up and potentially leaking information since February. The cloud storage provider notified the data owner who is responsible for securing it and has taken steps to limit unauthorized access.

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